Team supervision

In a training post that is accredited for team supervision, a GP registrar can have support from more than one accredited GP supervisor. They can also have support from a full range of clinical staff including GP locums, remote area nurses and Aboriginal health practitioners, as well as clinic managers. This is particularly common in remote clinics.

A supervision plan is developed outlining how the supervision of the GP registrar will occur, including details of who the GP supervisor of the day will be, who the lead GP supervisor is, which GP supervisor will deliver the weekly in-practice teaching and how the GP supervisors will monitor the progress of each of the GP registrars. The plan also identifies phone contact support should no GP supervisor be on site. Team supervision models vary depending on the training post.

If a training post is accredited under a team supervision model, an overview of the team supervision plan is made available on the training post’s profile page on placemeNT. GP registrars are expected to review the model when selecting their placements. If a GP registrar applies for a placement operating under a team supervision model, they are accepting to train under this model of supervision.

If there are queries about team supervision, please contact Kylie Roberts, Supervisor and Practice Accreditation Manager via or 08 8946 7015.

Please note: GP registrars working for Primary Health Care Services Top End and Central Australia in a remote training locations also have full access to clinical decision support through a 24/7 group of trained GPs (known as Top End or Central Australia RMP: on call service), in addition to the supervision team available on the ground.