Who does the placement process apply to? 

The placement process applies to all registrars who are currently in the NTGPE training program or have been accepted through AGPT Intake 1 and are due to commence or continue GP training in 2023. 


What if I am part of the AGPT Intake 2 cohort? 

The placement process occurs prior to AGPT Intake 2 cohort being confirmed. As such, if you are part of AGPT Intake 2, you will progress into the ‘Matched Placement Round’ where NTGPE will assist in securing you placements for the 2023 training year.  


With transition to college-led training approaching, who will assist in confirming my placements? 

Management of the AGPT program by ACRRM and RACGP will commence from 1 February 2023. As part of the transition to college led training RTOs (NTGPE) will manage the placement process for 2023 placements for both current and new GP registrars. The colleges have released a joint statement that they will honour all placement arrangements made by RTOs with registrars and training posts. However, if any new placements or updates to 2023.2 placements are required after finalisation of NTGPE’s placement process, they will be managed directly by the relevant college. https://ntgpe.org/file/1160 


How do I log in toplacemeNT? 

You will need to log in through placemeNT using your GP Tracks login. In the top right hand corner of the placement website you will see a ‘login’ button that will lead you to the login page. You will need to use your GP Tracks login details. 

Alternatively, you can login through GP Tracks. You will then see a placemeNT button on the second menu bar. Clicking on it will log you in to placemeNT. You can then start applying to training posts. 


How many training posts can I apply to? 

During Round 1 you can apply for a maximum of four placements per each term. It is important to make sure that you apply to placements that will meet your training requirements. Please discuss your training requirements with your training team in advance of the placement process. 

During Final Round there is no limitation on how many training posts you can apply to and there will be no preferencing required. However, it is expected that you only apply for placements that you genuinely intent to accept if offered. 


Preferencing your applications to training posts 

During Round 1 you are required to preference your applications to training posts from one to four—one being the highest preference, four being the lowest preference. Consider your preference carefully and review before submitting your application. Once you have submitted your application to a training post it cannot be withdrawn, and you cannot go back and change your preference. 

The Final Round of placement application does not require any preferencing.   


Do I have to apply through the placement process? 

Yes, all NTGPE-accredited placements are available through the online portal, placemeNT, except for some ESP, AST, ARST and hospital-based training positions. Formal employment arrangements organised outside this process will not be approved for training time.  


Can I contact the training posts directly? 

Yes, GP registrars are encouraged to contact training posts to discuss employment options and gather information about the suitability of the training post for their training needs. However, applications must be submitted through placemeNT, and interviews and employment offers must happen within the placement process timeline. Informal arrangements between GP registrars and training posts outside of this process will not be recognised nor endorsed by NTGPE. 


Why am I unable to view specific training posts on the website?

Training posts that are listed on placemeNT for Round 1 of the 2023 GP Registrar Placement Process have indicated they have capacity for GP registrar placements and are able to meet the appropriate accredited supervision and teaching requirements. If you are looking for a specific training post that is not listed in the portal, the reasons may include: 

  • The training post is not currently accredited for GP training 
  • Uncertainty regarding accredited GP supervisor capacity, therefore their ability to take GP registrars is uncertain 
  • Renovations are currently being made to the training post. 
  • The training post is authorised for direct application outside the process, for example hospital based positions for procedural AST/ARST. 
  • The training post multi-site location falls under a main or ‘parent’ training post, through which all applications are processed. 


Who knows about my application?

Each training post will receive your application and will see how you have ranked them. They will not know which other training posts you have applied to. NTGPE staff will be able to run a report through placemeNT that identifies registrar applications to training posts. We will not provide this information to the training posts or to anyone else. 


What paperwork do I need to provide with my application? 

You will need to supply an up-to-date CV and an application cover letter. Your CV should include relevant information about your training and the names and contact details of your referees. You should ask your referees if they are happy to be contacted before you provide their details. 

Please review the ‘Get Ready’ Tips to Prepare for the 2023 Placement Process under the Information for Registrars tab. 


What are my rights and responsibilities in the placement process? 

GP registrars are expected to behave professionally and in good faith throughout the placement process. This may include some of the following: 

  • Provide accurate and honest information in your CV and cover letter 
  • Apply only for placements you genuinely intend to accept if offered 
  • Be available for interviews during the interview period 
  • During the interview, discuss any restrictions to your availability for the position (planned leave or travel restrictions) 
  • Promptly submit your ‘Placement Approval Form’ to NTGPE for approval 
  • Promptly decline all other offers once one offer has been accepted. 


In return, training posts are also expected to behave professionally and in good faith throughout the process. This may include some of the following: 

  • Have a documented system to receive, record and review GP registrar applications 
  • Provide reasonable notice of interviews times 
  • Ask appropriate interview questions 
  • Accurately describe the role and what it involves, including travel requirements and working expectations 
  • Provide an indication of employment arrangements and salary 
  • Promptly notify unsuccessful candidates to allow other positions to be filled 
  • Provide prompt offers of employment to successful candidates by email 

Registrars and training posts should be aware that many of these issues are relevant to employment law in Australia. 


How will I know whether my application has been received by the training post?

There are two notifications and two tracking mechanisms that confirm the status of your application. 

  1. placemeNT will generate an email advising you that your application has been sent to the training post. This means that the training post has received your application into their inbox 
  1. On your placemeNT dashboard under Applications, your application will be marked as ‘submitted’ 
  1. When your application is opened by the training post the ‘submitted’ notification under Applications will be changed to ‘viewed’ 
  1. placemeNT will also generate an email advising you that your application has been viewed by the training post. 


I have been offered more than one placement; what should I do? 

placemeNT  provides you with the ability to accept and decline placement offers from your dashboard. 

Please promptly accept your preferred placement and decline offers from other training posts. Placement offers will only be valid for a specific period of time. The training post will indicate this at the time of offer; if you do not respond by the deadline, your offer will be rescinded. 


I have been offered a placement at a training post and I have accepted; what is my next step? 

You are now required to complete a Placement Approval Form, this form is available on your dashboard on the Application tab and will become visible once you have accepted a placement. 

The Placement Approval Form will be sent through to one of NTGPE’s education team members for review within three business days. You will then be emailed an outcome via a Placement Confirmation Letter to confirm your placement or an email advising that the training post does not meet your training requirements and what to do next. 


I have been unsuccessful with my applications and have not received any offers of placement; what happens next? 

If you are unsuccessful in round one you will be eligible to apply to training posts in the Final Round of the 2023 application process Please refer to the 2023 Placement process key dates. 


What are the differences in the placement process rounds? 

Round 1 is open to all registrars currently with NTGPE. 

Final Round is open to all registrars who did not secure a placement during Round 1. All current registrars must secure their placements by the close of the Final Round.  

Matched Placement Round is only available to AGPT Intake 2 Candidates. 


What is the Process Feedback Form? 

The Registrar Liaison Officers and NTGPE have developed a process feedback form to collect information about how the placement process is working. Similar to a clinical incident form, the process feedback form is designed to identify serious issues requiring urgent intervention (website failures, substantial shortcomings in professional behaviour) and patterns of minor issues (slow responses, procedural deviations) which can be improved for future rounds. 

GP registrars and training posts are encouraged to use this form to record issues in a standardised, transparent way. It is possible to provide anonymous feedback: anonymous feedback cannot be followed up directly but may provide useful information for the future. 


I have accepted an offer from a training post and signed my confirmation letter; can I change training posts if I receive another offer? 

No, once you have accepted a placement offer and completed the Placement Approval Form you cannot accept offers from other training posts. 


I’ve completed my GP training terms and am awaiting receipt of my fellowship; do I need to apply for a placement? 

Yes, you still need to apply for an Extension Awaiting Fellowship training position: this is for a maximum of 12 calendar weeks in line with the AGPT Extension of Training Time Policy 2020. 

The only exception to this will be if you intend to take leave during your Extension Awaiting Fellowship, which is allowed by AGPT Extension of Training Time Policy 2020. You will be required to complete an GP registrar Leave of Absence Form if you do not intend to work. 


What if I only want to work part time? 

There are limited options for part-time GP registrar placements advertised through placemeNT.  Please indicate in your application letter and discuss your part-time employment with the training post during the interview. Please note: in line with the AGPT Training Obligations Policy 2020, all GP registrars requesting part-time placements must apply in writing to the NTGPE Program Manager on approval of placement. 


Tip and Tricks! 

  • Start early—update your CV, contact your referees, discuss plans with your training team/family/colleagues 
  • Be strategic—some training posts are very competitive; it may be wise to include at least one less competitive training post in your applications 
  • Sell yourself—explain to training posts why you want to work with them, what you can offer and what you hope to gain out of the placement.